A Wine Tradition that is Distinctly South Dakota

Wine flavors vary by regions, and we made the decision to use the readily available fruits of South Dakota. Throughout our Schadé history, our focus has been on authenticity and South Dakota grapes and fruit to help us to claim the hearts of many wine lovers, locally and beyond.

Schadé Vineyard and Winery continues to find success by focusing on what we do best; Making authentic South Dakota wines, growing the best fruits with the best growers, and providing an exceptional experience for all of our guests, events and customers, near and far.

Our Grapes and Our Growers

Schadé grows cold climate grapes right in our Volga, South Dakota vineyard, but we also work with many other local growers to supply the remaining fruits required for our wines. In addition to our wines, we also have a 100% South Dakota-made Tawny port-style wine and a brandy distilled from our wine under the Bickering Brothers name.

Our cold-climate grapes are a hybrid that allows survival through the harsh South Dakota winters. Our tastes and fruits are plentiful with flavors like:

  • Chokecherry
  • Pear
  • Strawberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Aronia Juice (Black Chokeberry)
  • Buffaloberry

Good fruit makes good wine. And the quality of our wines is a testament to our growers. Our “South Dakota Grown” strategy would never be possible without the relationships we’ve built with local growers.

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