Pair nicely with heavier foods such as beef, pasta with red sauce, cheddar and gorgonzola cheese, grilled meats, and walnuts.

Aces & Eights: A full-bodied, dry red wine.

Dakota Red: A medium bodied, semi-dry red wine.

Red Blend: This is a semi-sweet, fruity, bright red blend made from 100% South Dakota grown grapes.

Oakwood Red: A semi-sweet red wine with a zesty, fruity finish.


Rosé is an ideal base for sangrias

Tranquility: A refreshing semi-dry wine, with aromatics of floral and citrus

Pair very nicely with chicken, turkey, sea food, semi-soft cheeses, almonds and citrus fruits.

Prairie Star: A white varietal of wine with a crisp finish

White Blend: This is a semi-sweet, fruity, bright white blend made from 100% South Dakota grown grapes.

Prairie White: A clean, fruity wine

Christmas Pleasure: A full flavored red wine with a smooth finish

White Christmas: A full bodied white grape wine

Black chokeberry: A semi-dry red fruit wine with a nutty finish, made from the aronia berry, which is filled with heart healthy antioxidants

Chokecherry: A semi-sweet red fruit wine with a crisp, bold taste

Cranberry: A light, semi-dry full flavored wine

Elderberry: A full-bodied, semi-sweet red fruit wine that is high in antioxidants

Pear: A smooth, semi-sweet wine with a subtle taste of pear

Raspberry Apple: A fresh, fruity wine with a light finish

Buffaloberry: A light, fruity wine made from the wild buffaloberry

Honey: A sweet, light bodied wine with a bold finish

Rhubarb: A sweet wine with the distinct taste of rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb: A light, sweet, fruity wine