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Schadé Vineyard and Winery found it’s start in the year 1999 when Jim and Nancy Schade of Volga, South Dakota transformed their love of wine making from a hobby to a business. This transformation’s roots stemmed from passion. A passion for creating quality, unique wines made with locally grown fruits.

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While Schadé does grow grapes right at home in the Volga Vineyard, we also work with many other local growers to supply the rest of the fruits needed for our wines. At Schadé, we take pride in our truly authentic South Dakota grown and produced wine selection. In addition to our wines, we also have a 100% South Dakota-made Tawny port style wine (the only of its kind), and Brandy distilled from the wine made right here at Schadé Vineyard and Winery.

If you look at our product lists, you will see the different tastes are plentiful. Our grapes are a cold-climate hybrid that allows survival through the harsh South Dakota winters. The fruits are plentiful as well, with great flavors like Chokecherry, Pear, Plum, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Aronia (Black Chokeberry), Elderberry, and Buffaloberry. Even with such a variety of tastes, we will always believe that good fruit makes good wine. We owe the quality of our wines to the quality of the fruit that we receive from our growers. Our “South Dakota Grown” strategy would never be possible without the fruitful relationships we have with our growers.

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Throughout our 17 years of business, one of our greatest challenges has been developing wines from cold climate grapes. Many of our region’s wine lovers have a taste for the wines of the western United States. Rather than echoing those tastes, we have built our own style of wines with the readily-available fruits of South Dakota. Our focus on authenticity and South Dakota-sourced has allowed us to claim the hearts of many wine lovers, right here in South Dakota and beyond. While this has been a large part of who we are as a brand, the tastes of our wines are ultimately the customer’s decision. We have the best customers, a family of people who come in to taste, critique, suggest, and show us what they enjoy. Combining these preferences with a thorough knowledge of each fruit and grape has led to our success.

In the end, Schadé Vineyard and Winery wants to continue finding success through focusing on what we do best; Making authentic South Dakota wines, growing the best fruits with the best growers, and providing an authentic experience for all of our customers, near and far.